'Oh My Girl’ - “Golden Hourglass”

The girl group, 'Oh My Girl’ dropped its new EP “Golden Hourglass” on Monday.


“Releasing a new album always excites us, especially so this time, because it’s our first music in a year and four months”, 'Yubin' said.


The new lead track “Summer Comes" is a dance song evoking imagery of the ocean.


"Creo que es una canción que se adapta perfectamente a 'Oh My Girl' y a la temporada de verano", agregó ’YooA’.


“The new EP’s title is a combination of 'the golden hour time' and 'an hourglass', Once time goes by, like how sand falls in an hourglass, it doesn’t come back. We are here to seize that golden hour”. 'Hyojung' explained.


Although they've had over a year of hiatus as a group, members have been active with individual endeavors, including solo music careers, TV entertainment shows and acting projects.